Hello Investor,

Hope you are well, Let’s talk about work directly-

We are Bangladeshi Industrial Machinery Supplier Company, We import and export various industrial machinery, Licensing our business from Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce, Our Certificate Number: C-168199/2021, Our Business Certificate Name: ABC MACHINERY LTD, but our website address

We import various machineries from abroad, For this we have Warehouse in India and China. Currently the demand for machineries is huge. So there are more customers who buy products from us in cash, But we can’t store so many items. Because we don’t have that much money, So we want to invest to grow our business, 

Then we will be able to import more goods and sell them in stock. If anyone invests in our lucrative business, Then the invested money will be 100% safe, Because our business is getting richer day by day,

So the amount you invest, As such, you will be given a commission As monthly or annually,


So Pls Contact us for details.


Best Regards

Syed Md Mahadi Hasan

Managing Director




Wechat: abc-engineering

WhatsApp: +88 01977886660